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Tax and accounting

Tax legal advice is one of the in-depth legal advisory services of Vietlink Law. A team of competent lawyers and accountants will advise you and answer all of your legal questions, as well as provide professional tax declaration and finalization.

Vietlink Law Firm specializes in tax law consulting – With a team of professional lawyers and accountants, having in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of tax advice, tax management, tax compliance of enterprises, and finance…, we offer tax legal advisory services to meet the needs of individuals, enterprises in Vietnam and enterprises investing in Vietnam today.

Our tax and accounting advisory services include:

– Advising on legal regulations on taxpayers, tax-exempt income, taxable income, tax code registration procedures, tax declaration methods in accordance with the current law…;

– Advising on legal procedures to ensure legal rights and interests for individuals who have registered for a tax code;

– Advising on tax payment procedures;

– Advising on handling of violations in the tax field;

– Advising procedures of VAT refund;

– Advising regulations on tax code registration;

– Legal advice on tax declaration;

– Advising and regulations on tax exemption and reduction procedures;

– Advising on tax regulations, making financial statements;

– Guiding to self-calculation, self-declaration and self-payment of tax for business owners;

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