Vietlink Law firm was founded by highly qualified founding lawyers with extensive experience, and it has established itself as one of Vietnam’s premier law companies


Vietlink Law Firm was founded under the Operation Registration Certificate No. 01020471/TP/DKTP issued on July 20, 2009 and took the brand name of VIETLINK. VIETLINK Law currently has more than 20 experienced lawyers and paralegals across the country. With that resource, we can deliver services and resolve legal concerns swiftly and accurately, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Vietlink Law firm has established a professional service platform, dedicated, honest, and confidential information for clients, based on the philosophy of always putting the interests of customers first in the process of providing services. Customers can contact us via phone or email for prompt, accurate, and quick advice.


A group of reputable and experienced lawyers who work together to solve problems.

Assist customers in obtaining information and preliminary solutions to legal issues they are facing.

All customer information is treated with the utmost confidentially at VIETLINK, in compliance with our information security policy and the law. Unless otherwise required by law, the collecting and use of information about each customer is done only with that customer’s agreement. We commit not to use, transfer, provide or disclose to any third party customer information without the consent and permission of the customer.

Many domestic and international consumers trust and use our services.


The VIELTINK Law firm has offices in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s two largest cities. As a result, we are committed to providing legal services to our customers in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.

Furthermore, with the philosophy of always putting the customer’s interests first, if a customer has a legal issue, they can instantly contact our team of lawyers for quick and timely advice.



Vietlink Law Firm is a group of dedicated and experienced lawyers who are fully qualified to become a Vietnamese law firm with global standards.

Lawyer Tran Van Long is one of the founding lawyers and also the general management and operational lawyer at Vietlink Law Firm. Before establishing Vietlink, Lawyer Long worked for a long period at foreign law firms in Vietnam, which helped him to gain a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise in resolving legal issues that the enterprise faced. Therefore, Lawyer Long can help clients in resolving legal issues in the most effective way. Areas of expertise that Lawyer Long is in charge of include: Project transfer, Real estate, Mergers and acquisitions, Investment, Securities and capital markets, advising and drafting Contracts,...

Tran Van Long

Managing Partner

Lawyer Nguyen Cong Danh is one of the founding lawyers and also a lawyer who manages and operates the Vietlink Law Company’s office in Ho Chi Minh City. Before joining Vietlink, Mr. Danh worked for a long period in charge of legal work at foreign-invested enterprises, then moved to work at a foreign law company in Ho Chi Minh City. Areas of expertise: Project transfer, Real estate, Mergers and acquisitions, Investment, Securities and capital markets, advising and drafting contracts, intellectual property, business advising, debt settlement, litigation in civil and economic cases , commercial business, dispute settlement…  
Lawyer Luong Tuan Tu is a member of Vietlink Law Firm. Before joining Vietlink, Lawyer Tu was successful as Chief of Law Office, Head of Legal Department, Head of Debt Collection Department, Head of Legal – Compliance Department of a well-known credit institution with good reputation. strong signal. Lawyer Tu has always been a lawyer with a heart for the profession, has good professional ethics, was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Hanoi Department of Justice for his achievements in legal aid activities; The Hanoi Bar Association also awarded him the Order of Defense of Justice Fields of expertise:...
Prior to joining Vietlink, Lawyer Nguyen Duc Quan had nearly 20 years of experience in the fields of domestic and foreign investment projects, enterprise and mergers and acquisitions, contract, real estate, technology and telecommunications, commercial business disputes, and criminal law in Vietnam. Lawyer Quan has worked as a senior legal advisor for large state-owned companies and cooperations and foreign-invested enterprises. Therefore, Lawyer Long can help clients in resolving legal issues in the most effective way. The fields of law that Lawyer Nguyen Duc Quan is in charge of include: Enterprises & Mergers and Acquisitions; Real estate; Investment; Contract; Technology and...


Vietlink Law firm, a Hanoi-based professional legal services company, was founded in 2009. Following in that history, our objective is to prioritize finding the best solutions to assure client safety and safeguard their best interests. Because we recognize that the Success of our customers is also the Success of our company.


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