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Securities and Bank

Securities and Bank

The Securities and Bank Law Advisory Service is one of our strengths, as we have a team of lawyers with extensive knowledge in the field of Securities Law and Capital Market. Lawyers of Vietlink Law firm have successfully consulted for many clients who are businesses and public companies related to securities offering, listing advisory, Investment trust, IPO, M&A Securities Company…

The Securities and Bank Law Advisory Service of our Law office include:

– Advising on legal issues related to Securities law;

– Legal advising on organization, operation, internal management related to activities of Securities Company, Securities Investment Company, Securities Investment Fund Management Company, Securities Investment Fund ; Public company;

– Advising transactions, purchase and sale contracts, investment cooperation in securities, shares, stocks;

– Legal advice related to stock, list offering,… and information disclosure issues at listed companies;

– Advising on compliance with securities laws at listed companies.

– Advising on offering securities to the centralized market and the OTC market;

– Advising on secured loan transactions;

– Advising on transactions about capital structure in credit institutions;

– Advising and supporting capital mobilization for public, infrastructure and public-private projects;

– Advising on issuance of individual shares, the right of stock options in public companies;

– Advising and drafting financial documents, letters of credit, supporting documents for credit and hypothecation in credit transactions;

– Legal advising and executing contract liquidation procedures, guarantee disbursement, dispute resolution and loan recovery lawsuits;

– Appoint a representative lawyer to settle disputes related to the internal organization of the enterprise, shareholders with the Board of Managements, the Board of Directors…

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