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Contract Consultancy

Vietlink law firm with a team of lawyers, consultants knowledgeable in law, proficient in skills, and experienced in negotiation, we are ready to advise clients in the process of negotiating and contracting contracts in the field of civil, commercial, investment, business, securities, M&A, real estate, construction, labor, etc. quickly, efficiently and with the highest legal safety.

Our contract advisory service resovles problems that clients may encounter in a variety of fields, including:

– Legal advice related to the field of mentioned contracts.

– Advising signed contracts, risk analysis, and appraisal of contracts and agreements before signing, after signing.

– Drafting contracts, review draft contracts and agreements before signing as required.

– Advising and representing authorized to participate in engaging and negotiation of contracts with partners.

– Advising on contract dispute settlement: representatives participating in engaging and negotiation to resolve problems in the process of contract performance; representatives for dispute settlement at court and arbitration agencies.

– Compiling and translating contract documents and related legal documents.

Other advisory services related to the contract.

The fields of contracts that Vietlink Law Firm drafts and advice regularly include:

– Distribution field: purchase contracts, commercial cooperation contracts, agent contracts, commericial franchise contracts

– Trade promotion: sponsorship contracts, advertising contracts

– Logistics: transport contracts, delivery contracts, warehousing lease contracts

– Real estate: transfer contract, lease/lease contract, brokerage contract, management contract, business cooperation contract

– Construction: design contracts, construction contracts, project management consultancy contracts, general contractor contracts, site clearance contracts

– Finance: guarantee contracts, hypothecation contracts, loan and lend contracts

– Enterprise: capital contribution contract for the establishment of a company, capital management trust contract, merger contract, separation contract, enterprise division contract, joint venture contract, share transfer contract, capital transfer, enterprise purchase contract.

– Labor: labor contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-competitive agreements, training contracts, recruitment of personnel

– Intellectual property: license contracts, technology transfer contracts

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